Creator and host Nichole Overall 

A true crime and history podcast
exploring the unsolved & unexplained at the heart of a nation. 
Jigsaw puzzles with pieces scattered by the passing of not just years but decades. Assembled to provide a more complete,  accurate picture, for the first time.


50 years on, the question echoes: who killed Keren?

By Nichole Overall - January 27, 2021
AS the 50th anniversary approaches, interest and activity in the fate of 20-year-old Keren Rowland, then past the first trimester of her pregnancy, has been reignited.
According to Sgt Adam Rhynehart, leading the current re-examination of the perplexing case, it’s such engagement that can make a difference, even after so long.

Capital Crime Files 

Over half a century, within the orbit of the Australian capital, Canberra, there have been multiple mysterious disappearances and murders specifically of young women.
Each remains unsolved.

This podcast is an original, in-depth investigation into all of the cases.

End of the road

Episode 1

The 50 year mystery

A series of missing and murdered women in the heart of a nation. Reaching back 50 years. Each unsolved. Could any of them be linked in the most insidious fashion?

Capital Crime Files begins with the mysterious disappearance of Keren Rowland.

Case File Fragments I - What if it were you?

In the lead-up to the next episode on the 50 year mystery of the tragedy that befell 20-year-old Keren Rowland on Feb 26, 1971, an additional puzzle piece to ponder.

Trail of heartbreak 

Episode 2

Known as both haunting and haunted, in the midst of the whispering pine forest, you can feel you’re miles from anywhere. And yet, just to the west, it’s possible to make out the twinkling lights of the heart of the Australian Capital, Canberra. What part then, did this eerie location play in the unexplained disappearance of 20 year old Keren Rowland on an otherwise ordinary evening 50 years ago?

Case File Fragments II - Could you detect a mystery?

In this case file fragment I interview current lead investigator in the 50 year mystery of Keren Rowland, Detective-Sergeant Adam Rhynehart of the Australian Federal Police.

Devil in disguise? 

Episode 3

Shrouded in mystery for 50 years - when Keren Rowland stepped out of that Mini Minor and into the headlines, was she greeted by a devil in disguise?

Case File Fragments III - Spectre of a Canberra serial killer?

Unsolved disappearances and murders of young women within the orbit of the national capital of Australia over the last 50 years: does the bloodied fingerprint of Ivan Milat stain the postcard-perfect image of Canberra?

EPISODE 4 What remains

Episode 4

The unsolved mystery of Keren Rowland's death: suicide, abortion, strangulation? How could it be so hard to determine the cause?

EPISODE 5 Exhibit Q

Episode 5

In the unexplained death of 20-year-old Keren Rowland, means, method and motive remained cryptically clouded, yet a further compelling development emerged: the strong indication of the presence of another with her in that darkened, lonely forest.

Case File Fragments IV -
A true confession?

Keren’s skeletal remains were stumbled across on May 13, 1971. Almost precisely 50 years later, a highly credible source has revealed new information to me involving a potential confession from as early as 1973. What then, came of it?

EPISODE 6 Speaking for the dead

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Keren Rowland
Episode 6

A beer bottle to a pen - clues to reveal a party responsible for a most reprehensible act? Not only that of bringing about the deaths of an innocent young woman and her unborn child, but a failure to own it and give some sort of peace to a shattered family?



Nichole Overall talks with 2CC’s Rod Henshaw about geo-profiling - an investigative tool used in predicting shark hunting patterns and the Yorkshire Ripper murders of of the 1970s, and raising the question: might it provide some evidence of a link between Canberra’s various unsolved cases over the last 50 years and one of Australia’s most notorious serial killers, Ivan Milat? 

6 MARCH 2021


Nichole Overall talks with 2CC’s Rod Henshaw about the tragic milestone when 50 years ago Keren Rowland was found after disappearing almost 3 months earlier on Feb 26, 1971. Also can cases be solved after all of this time? Nichole also talks about the oldest cold case that has been solved, the 1964 jewelry heist murder. The culprit was finally brought before the courts in 2020.

15 MAY 2021


Episode 153 - The Disappearance of Keren Rowland, featuring Capital Crime Files host Nichole Overall.

Join Holly and Matthew in welcoming our first guest host, host of Capital Crime Files podcast Nichole Overall, as we look into this case that has fascinated Canberra and surrounds for 50 years. Is there a serial killer on the loose in the ACT? We hope to find out...

May 10, 2021

Creator and host

While my aim is to hopefully unearth a memory, a clue or a link that might reinvigorate and encourage reinvestigation, at the least, it’s to honour the memories of those so lost and to fully impart the stories of lives and promise cut short.


Having worked in the world of media for more than 30 years, Nichole Overall is a freelance journalist, author and history detective.

Based in the regional city of Queanbeyan, NSW, on the very doorstep the national capital of Australia, Canberra, she’s spent years unearthing the unknown, unexplored and unexplained, the ramifications of which reverberate far beyond the borders of her hometown.

A highly polished researcher and story-teller with a unique view and voice, Nichole weaves fascinating and compelling tales that reveal the dark and disturbing mysteries to be found beyond the streets of suburbia.

She’s also won an award or two.


More than "just another true crime podcast", Capital Crime Files are historically-based investigations of unsolved, unexplained and unknown cases that have occurred within the orbit of the national capital of Australia, Canberra.

Bringing together scattered jigsaw puzzle pieces, often for the first time, ensuring as comprehensive and accurate an account as it's possible to provide. Articulated in compelling, emotive and dramatic narratives.

Nichole's original work includes interviewing still grieving families and friends, in some circumstances, the first time they have ever commented publicly about their heartbreaking loss.

Tracking down witnesses and finding those with memories of the times and events as they unfolded.

Locating original photographs and documents and uncovering primary sources.

Obtaining court records, police statements and coronial inquests.

Establishing relationships with police and detectives both retired and active, as well as professionals in the field including forensic pathologists and criminal psychologists.

Combing historical archives and archival material, and of course, comparing it all to the speculation that’s proliferated with the arrival of an online, often anonymous world.

As a result, she's creating an absorbing historical record of these victims that at the very least ensures they are afforded the dignity of respectful acknowledgement while also seeking justice.

Someone out there knows the truth behind these often decades-old cases. This is the chance to discover it.


Nichole has interviewed still grieving families and friends, in some circumstances, the first time they have ever commented publicly about their heartbreaking loss. She's tracked down witnesses and located those with memories of the times and events as they unfolded. She's obtained court records, police statements and coronial inquests. Nichole has also interviewed police and detectives both retired and active. In addition, she’s combed historical archives and archival material. And of course, she's compared it all to the speculation that’s proliferated with the arrival of an online, often anonymous world.

Creator & Host: Nichole Overall
Podcast name: Capital Crime Files
Season 1: Keren Rowland- The 50 year mystery
Genre: True crime
Type: Serial
Format: Non-fictional storytelling with special guest interviews
Prelude released: 29th November
Release date: Episode 1 December 9th 2020